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Bob’s Burgers - S04 E12 - The Frond Files

Bob’s Burgers - S04 E12 - The Frond Files




벌써 5년 👋😊
5년동안 저 수 많은 빛들 중 ‘티아라’라는 빛만 늘 쫒아왔네요.. 언제까지나 ‘티아라’라는 저 빛을 밝혀주세요..
그 빛만 믿고 따라갈께요..!
사랑합니다 ㅡ 💕

[TRANS] 5 years already 👋😊
during those 5 years I’ve always only chased after the light saying ‘T-ARA’ amongst those so many lights.. Please forever light up that light saying ‘T-ARA’.. I…



TV Shows (2009 - 2012) [Part 33]

KBS 2 천하무적야구단

140622 더쇼 버블사커 롤리폴리 은정(t-ara eunjung) 직캠

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Can I try once more? I’m going to load it from my local machine instead of my website and I’ve done some optimization to make the file a little smaller. 


140607 Dream Concert T-ara Hyomin Number Nine by Spinel
[bntmaking] 티아라 은정, 상큼 발랄한 매력으로 사로잡은 화보 현장

"Don’t you dare go boneless on me Shawn!"
-Psych [S03E01]